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EMV Level 2 testing and certifications firm? Ideally, it’s customer facing and can detect when a chip card is swiped, prompting the customer to insert the card instead. Proper EMV processing protects businesses from bank-initiated chargebacks. Simple enough, right? It’s actually not. Every terminal must go through extensive testing to become EMV certified. Let’s get these levels of EMV certification explained.

EMV Authorization Methods In addition to using the card in the merchant’s terminal to make a purchase, Chip and Signature requires a written signature like magnetic stripe transactions. Chip and PIN is used for debit cards and may also be used for credit cards. See smart card and gold chipped supercomputer.

Before an EMV capable solution can be deployed, there are many EMVCo mandated tests that need to be passed to validate that an EMV implementation conforms to the EMV standard. As the EMV specifications evolve and are regularly updated this can become a major job in itself – another reason why many businesses who require an EMV “Chip & PIN” or “Chip & Signature” solution opt to license a purpose built off the shelf EMV Software Kernel rather than develop their own in house.

We know, it is crucial to get it done under tight time in the market limitations. Our team which more than 18 years of experience did a lot of EMV certification and has been giving consultancy all over the world. EMV payment training and consultancy services: EMV Roadmaps, new standards, and easier EMV configuration are just the beginning. Discover even more information at EMV Level 3 testing and certifications services.

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