Visiting Barcelona with dogs

The good weather, its gastronomic culture and tourist attraction make Barcelona an ideal place to visit. The problem, in some cases, is that enjoying vacations with the dog in Barcelona can be complicated. Some sites do not allow entry. But do not worry. We have prepared a guide to the most animal so that tourism with your dog is not a problem. Terraces, beaches, hotels and restaurants ideal to make the most of your stay in Barcelona. Are you already from Barcelona? Perfect, because there are some sites that are worthwhile and that you may not know. Go for it.

Can I go to the beach with my dog?

Dogs enjoy the outdoors and with meters to run, but it is often difficult to find these conditions in Barcelona. During the 9 months that are not summer, dogs can visit all the beaches of Barcelona.

In summer there is a beach called Levante, right in front of the Diagonal Mar center. This beach occupies more than one kilometer. The only requirements to go are to take the dog, take the vaccines up to date and put the muzzle in case the breed is considered dangerous.

Cultural activities

If it is already complicated to go to exhibitions with dogs, it is still more to museums. Most public cultural centers do not allow the assistance of animals in their facilities. Although this fact is not expected to change, there are private initiatives that opt ​​for the entry of dogs.

The European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona opened its doors to the canine company on October 7 and 8. The experience allowed the visitors to enjoy the art in a different way, thus improving the satisfaction of the attendees. They were only two days, but the organizers have announced that they will repeat the initiative.

The Miscellaneous Gallery, located in Guardia Street number 10, is another cultural space where dogs can access without any impediment. The experience is especially pleasant at this time, since the gallery celebrates 10 years of its appearance and this year you can see groundbreaking and very attractive exhibitions for the viewer.

La Sagrada Familia, one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, does not allow dogs to enter inside. However, visiting the outskirts of the building is for many a fun way to spend the afternoon in animal company.

The parks of Barcelona

They also allow dogs to enter. The park of the Ciutadella, without going any further, has a space enabled for them. Many take advantage of the views and centrality of this park to enjoy the outdoors with the canine companion. But it’s not the only option. For those who frequent Montjuïc, behind the castle, on Calle del Molí 182 there is a perfect natural area for walking with the dog. The Park Güell also allows the entrance to animals, although it is not free. And, of course, the Collserola park is always a good option. There it is usual to see unleashed dogs.

The Barrio de Gracia also offers options. The water park contains a barred part where dogs can go loose. In the rest of the park, in principle, they must wear the leash, but at the highest point there is usually no problem when it comes to releasing them.

Restaurants and gastronomic establishments

For lovers of good food and vegetarian food, The Green Spot is surely the perfect choice. Although the price is not low, it allows dogs to enter and the price-quality ratio is good. Located on Calle de la Reina Cristina 12, it is a fantastic option to go on a special day.

The Calders Bar, in Sant Antoni, is also an excellent option. More thought to go for a drink and snack, has a cheaper price and terrace. It also offers Mexican food, for lovers of this cuisine. Located on Parlament street number 20, it is open from Monday to Sunday.

For those who prefer a more exotic option, they can go to the Copasetic. It offers tea, aromatic coffees, quiches, international dishes and vegetarian food. The peculiarity is that they also give water to dogs in a bowl and their entry is more than usual. In the street deputation, number 55.


When traveling, it is important to make sure that hotels allow dogs to enter. Luckily, Barcelona offers numerous opportunities. One of the jewels in the crown is the Anam Cara hotel. It is not that dogs are allowed entry, it is that the space is specially designed for them to come. Here activities for dogs are organized and, evidently, the attention to the animal is one of the most attended points. A magnificent experience The place is located in Calle Alcalde de Móstoles 42.

Although the best known is the Colonial Hotel. Located in the middle of Barcelona (Via Layetana, 3) the entrance of dogs is fully accepted without the need to pay any supplement. The only condition is to respect the basic rules of citizenship and not leave the dog alone in any room.

The hotels that allow the entrance of dogs are more and more. To mention just another, the Hotel Rekord promotes the reservation of seats in its facilities without charging any supplement for the animal. Of course, specify that you can not weigh more than 25 kg and, in case of exceeding this weight, you have to contact the hotel. It is located at 352 Muntaner Street.

One out of every four families in Catalonia is accompanied by a dog. The cultural sector has the possibility to continue adapting to this reality. Also the commercial sectors, although these are limited by the current legislation, which is restrictive in this sense. In any case, alternatives are not lacking in a Barcelona proclaimed friend of animals and initiatives known as dog-friendly.

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